Apple Maple Muffins November 14, 2013

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By request, these were a hit with all involved. Just the everlasting quest to find a yummy muffin that all will eat (meaning no good stuff like dried berries or nuts), that doesn’t involve chocolate or bran.
Give it a try 🙂




Peppercorn crusted tenderloin with Gremolata January 19, 2013

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Peppercorn Crusted Tenderloin with Gremolata Peppercorn Crusted Tenderloin with Gremolata.docxNot to often as the cook, does a dinner really make me go “wow”. Quite possibly it was the simplicity, but more than that, it was the flavor. This one knocked it out of the park for me, and well, the others liked it as well. Never having cooked a steak on the cooktop in a pan, I figured this might be a little risky, giving my trusted Vermont the night off (and worried about trashing some really good steaks). Wrong! So tender, very moist, could have cut it with a fork, and the Gremolata, although loaded with flavor (small amount required, one of my critics actually described it as having “serious kick”-which in his opinion is a good thing), made it perfect. Will do again, and again….. you get the point. Oh yeah, and it’s Friday, so I also made dessert. Layered Lemon Pie.




Another Fabulous Meatloaf November 6, 2012

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Ok for all my Meatloaf loving friends out there this is for you… this was good. I tried a different meatloaf recipe after this one (kind of lost this one in the shuffle), all this after finding out one of my husband of 17 years favorite food is meatloaf…. took me that long to learn this fun fact. So the point is, he was rather disappointed at the other new recipe so I had to dig around to find this. Here it is, enjoy!


Amazing chocolate chip muffins November 2, 2012

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On my continual quest to find muffins that actually resemble those that look like the ones in bakeries with the really big muffin top, I am always making and tweaking different recipes to no avail. This one is a combo of a couple different recipes I usually use, but they worked this time!! They taste pretty fab too, just use really high quality chocolate chips




Life just got in the way…

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Been gone for so long just don’t know where to start. Life just got in the way of all that is most important, but slowly finding my way back. Will try to resume posting the real stand outs, and there have been a few, while trying to locate my mojo and inspiration through food. New motto ” when all else fails, bake” seems to be a good coping mechanism for the soul, but not the waistline. But really, when you find something that works… Go all in!


Panko Crusted Pork with Wasabi Gingered Soy Sauce and Honey Roasted Root Vegetables January 7, 2012

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OHhhhhhh, yummer, loved this one. The pork was great on it’s own (but really, why?) but the sauce was over the top good. Very light, full of flavor, and really didn’t taste like wasabi (or which I am not a fan), but had such good taste. It would have been runny (not always the best quality in a sauce) but since you use the same pan and it still has little tidbits of leftover crunchy panko from cooking the pork in it, made it just enough texture. We all had second helpings, even the picky ones. Now I must admit, I have never even cooked a root vegetable (other than a potato), and when I told the family the name of the recipe they were all convinced they would hate them….. Lance kept saying “don’t ask, I don’t want to admit how good this is”, nice. The veggies we so fantastic, I could have had just that and nothing else for dinner.



Stove top Barbecued Glazed Chicken

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This dinner ended up being so awesome! It was one of those days where I was merrily going about my day, organized, everything on schedule (OCD much), and then in no time at all, everything just went to hell in a handcart, leaving me with about 15 minutes do get dinner on the table, but alas!!! the menu plan saved the day. The chicken was fabulous, everyone loved it, such nice smoky BBQImage flavor, but didn’t have to go outside to cook it. Quick and yummy!