Chipotle Taco Salad November 23, 2011

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After a really long day cleaning up after a nasty windstorm, so nice to know what I was making for dinner. Typically if I was this busy all day I would resort to some kind of lame meal involving partially pre made food, using little to no ” real ingredients”. However, now that I have my meals planned, not leaving it up to my imagination (of which some days I have very little), is such a blessing. Also noticing a big difference in the grocery shopping these days, only ingredients, rarely something pre made, yet oddly, not spending that much time in the kitchen (although more time planning meals for the week, but that seems to be the fun part). This was quick and easy, made with ingredients we all usually have on hand. Enjoyed using the broken chips (something I always seem to have) and not as fussy as an actual taco shell. Using the salsa in with the beef just added a great taste and texture, would keep this tip alone for the the future.



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