Halibut with Bacon and Balsamic Tomatoes, Roasted Asparagus with Shallot Dijon Vinaigrette November 22, 2011

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OK Running out of nice things to say about food today. These were both great, pretty easy, and enjoyed by all of us. Mac even asked “is halibut some type of salmon, because I love salmon”. Don’t worry, he doesn’t get out much, and the only halibut he has seen me cook is the battered and deep fried variety served with tartar sauce (which I should revisit soon, sooo yummy). Needed a starchy side dish to go with this meal, and just fish and veggies is apparently not quite enough for the menfolk in the house. I did some diced potatoes, drizzled with olive oil and some Italian seasoning, the real thrill (I also need to get out more, as cooking is now my idea of thrilling) was that I took a head of peeled garlic and just mixed up amongst the potatoes… awesome~



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