Chicken Enchiladas November 22, 2011

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OK, so I am noticing a trend…. Mexican food. Always on a quest to get that “authentic Mexican taste” these hit a home run. Although a bit fussy (the first 2 corn tortillas basically turned to mush when placed in the simmering water, I soon learned, just to dip them, not soak them) Apparently you have to do this or they just break when you try to roll them around the filling. Then I tasted the sauce before baking, and it was really spicy, and well, didn’t taste that good either…… thought this might be “the sandwich night”….. but alas, the recipe did not disappoint. They actually tasted more like the tamale’s Lance is always ordering when we are out for Mexican, and he loved them (but he likes spicy), so I was very pleasantly surprised when the sauce, actually tasted good and wasn’t too spicy. Will definitely keep this recipe around….



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