Crispy Pork Medallions and Green Bean Casserole with Mushrooms November 12, 2011

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Really enjoyed the pork done this way, just a different way to have tenderloin. Kids all loved it. Have always wanted to try a green bean casserole, this one didn’t disappoint. Jake had 2 helpings, as did the adults, perfect weeknight side dish. Tasted really great with the mashed potatoes (put a mixture of parmesan and panko on top) and broiled them. Great dinner.


3 Responses to “Crispy Pork Medallions and Green Bean Casserole with Mushrooms”

  1. Jane Says:

    Yum! We all liked the pork medallions. Normally make schnizels, so thanks for another idea using pork tenderloin.

  2. Sue Says:

    Sat here thinking about what to make for dinner and looking for inspiration…. Instead of going through countless cookbooks in my cupboard, I came to your blog instead and remembered I wanted to try this one! I’ll let you know how it’s received…. but I think it’ll be a hit….

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