Cream Cheese Banana Bread November 12, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — dinnerexperiment @ 2:43 am

Not quite sure why this was soooo much better than the million (slight exaggeration, just feels like it) other banana bread recipes I have tried, although in principle, adding cream cheese to anything seems to make it taste good. For the record I did use light cream cheese, so I don’t think the calorie count is any higher than most banana breads. This was such a hit, Colton has essentially eaten most of an entire loaf by himself, which for him is a miracle, Mac even packed it in his own lunch by choice, and ate it (I recently found out he hands out a good portion of my home baked goods to friends on the bus afterschool). The topping was fantastic and not too much or too sweet, and it oddly didn’t taste too much like bananas, just a nice coffee cake. This one is a keeper for sure.


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