Simple Pizza November 6, 2011

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Just had to share my favorite go-to recipe for pizza dough…. this one never fails. So easily doubled to feed a large group, freezes well, either in dough form or complete pizza. Tonight I topped with roasted garlic, carmelized onions, and prosciutto. My God, this was the best yet….. so tasty. Lance’s best comment was “I’d eat more…… but there isn’t any” (sadly said after 7 pieces). I thought I used plenty of roasted garlic (2 cloves) but seriously I would use more next time, loads of onions (sweets to boot) and about 4-5 slices of prociutto. Will for sure make this one again, and again. Made some small pizza rounds and let the kids make their own, they loved it, and they all ate it, yes, even Colton this time…. he ate more than Mac. I’m thinking with the amount he ate for dinner I shouldn’t have to feed him for a few days…….





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