Shrimp Pad Thai November 4, 2011

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Sorry all, life got a tad hectic and I haven’t had any time to post some new stuff. Could also bee that this week got really busy and got away on me. Good outcome though…… just fell back on a few of the recipes I have done lately and they were great, again.

So here was a new one I did try. Again super easy, great taste (although admittedly I am not a big fan of Thai food, Lance is, and he thought it was super). Kids even ate it, quite happily. Flavor was not too overwhelming, but just enough. You could add some more siracha if you like it hot, or just sprinkle crushed chilies on top.



2 Responses to “Shrimp Pad Thai”

  1. ddahld Says:

    Hey, don’t apologize for taking a break! Your readers know we’ll eventually hear from you. I think this looks really good. I love pad thai so this is one to go on my “must try” list! What veggie dish would you serve with this?

    • Try it, easy and quick, I would just add a simple salad, nothing too filling… Going to post Gord’s favorite salad (doesn’t go with Pad Thai) tonight, keep an eye out, a long forgotten recipe I meant to give you ages ago.

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