Caramel Pork October 27, 2011

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Ok, this was good, not company good, but great quick weeknight food for the family, everyone loved it. Don’t know how much it actually tasted like caramel, but after last week’s Caramel Sauce (which I am still eating) I might be a tad jaded….. Nice to find something else to do with Pork Tenderloin, seems like I always do it the same way.



5 Responses to “Caramel Pork”

  1. ddahld Says:

    Hey, weeknight meals don’t have to look fancy, just taste good (referring to the comment you made to me earlier on the phone so your other followers don’t think I’m dissing your food!) But having said that, the recipe has a bit of an Asian tone to it so maybe pairing it with spicy green beans and leaving out the peas might help???

  2. Sue Says:

    This sounds good – going to give it a try tonight….
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Sue Says:

    Big hit in my house tonight – thank you! I now have a new fall back weeknight dinner…. Everybody loved it – Carter had seconds, and then took to taking his fork and eating the pork right out of the pan!
    And I did it with spicy green beans – yummy dinner!

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