Butter Cookies and Marble Cake October 25, 2011

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Great holiday cookie, not the type for company or a cookie exchange, but those cookies shaped to fit any holiday, today mine are Pumpkins, easy rolled cookie, great for the kids to decorate. Ninny is famous for these several years running. This recipe was a bit of a variation of the typical sugar cookies I usually make, pretty much and combination of a sugar cookie and shortbread, made and rolled the same. Definitely enjoyed them more than a sugar cookie, nice for a change. The ongoing lunchbox dilemma continues…… Colton feels strongly that “now Mom, if you put THESE in my lunch, I would eat them” so now we have 3 things (none too healthy) rice cakes, granola bars, and cookies…..

Then there was the Marble cake, really pretty, great for afterschool snack. Everyone loved it! Picture says it all!




2 Responses to “Butter Cookies and Marble Cake”

  1. ddahld Says:

    Ok how adorable are those pumpkin cookies!! Love those little recipe cards too!

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