Simple Caramel Sauce October 23, 2011

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So the love affair continues with all things caramel, butterscotch, etc. Really have been thinking of making my own caramel sauce for quite sometime, considering my Saturday night consisted of nothing……and on a whim I made apple crumble for dessert (then remembered having at a restaurant somewhere and they served it topped with warm caramel). I must admit the first recipe I made tonight was a dismal failure (recipe not to follow), kind of tasted like burnt toffee and was really runny and a funny color (yes I meant dismal failure). Had to redeem myself and try just one more recipe as I still had a few minutes before the crisp came out of the oven. It was pretty easy (assuming you can stir and measure), are somewhat patient, and I had the ingredients. It was amazing. And a whole new level of wrong…. I could have smeared it on everything. Even my non-caramel lovers loved it…. Again, gotta try this one. On apple crisp, ice cream, cheesecake, just about anything (keep it G rated).



4 Responses to “Simple Caramel Sauce”

  1. Ange Says:

    Looks delish! This blog is amazing! I am quite enjoying the entertainment! Keep it coming, and I will definately try these new recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ddahld Says:

    Ok two thumbs up from the Dahlens for this one! We tried your caramel sauce on ice cream tonight and we all loved it! Connor is now newly converted to the “caramel” side and this is one recipe I’ll be making really soon! Nicely done Jill! Your boring Sat. night was a benefit to us all!!

  3. Sue Says:

    This looks amazing! Didn’t know there was such a thing in life as ‘non-caramel’ lovers!

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