“Almost” In-N-Out Burgers October 23, 2011

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OK I must confess, I am not sure these were that close to In-N-Out…. but they were fabulous. Family had rave reviews “once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down” and “I’m glad I had it “your” way”… that is to say Jake had it with all the trimmings and rated it a fricken awesome, he was also done about 5 minutes before the rest of us were, so he must have enjoyed it. The sauce was fantastic, so simple, but not something I ever thought about before, would probably use it on other burgers too. I still think the key to these great burgers (AKA burger place burgers) is putting them completely together before you serve, not letting everyone make their own….. and it fits nicely with my new rule of “eat what I serve and like it”. Looks like I found another keeper.



One Response to ““Almost” In-N-Out Burgers”

  1. Yes, DD, I did use the ground sirloin……

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