Crab and Corn Chowder with homemade French bread October 11, 2011

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This was awesome, made during the day and let simmer until dinner. Crab caught by us this summer. The recipe for French bread is so easy, smells so good, why buy from the store. Adults loved it, kids, well, not so much, Mac wouldn’t even touch it, based on looks alone but good old Jake made it through with the addition of crackers….. They sure ate tons of the bread!!20111011-115659.jpg


2 Responses to “Crab and Corn Chowder with homemade French bread”

  1. ddahld Says:

    Really…homemade French Bread! Not sure I can be convinced that making your own bread is easier than getting in my truck, driving to Thrifties and picking up a loaf! Having said that this looks amazing…. this is one of my favourite soups.

  2. You kill me, my only source of comments… much appreciated!! soup was so good, will have to send some crab your way. remind me.

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