Low Country Shrimp and Sausage with Rice Pilaf October 6, 2011

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I will start by saying that I have had this recipe on the menu each of the past 3 weeks but hadn’t tried it as it had some how lost it’s appeal. Tonight it made the cut, mainly because it was so easy and I lacked inspiration.
Wasn’t I pleasantly surprised!
Flavor was awesome, just a few ingredients I already had on hand. Kids LOVED it, next time I would double the recipe. As for the rice, this is my new go to recipe, very tasty, had it at least twice now, so fluffy and light with mild flavor, especially considering the jalepeno. Another success!



2 Responses to “Low Country Shrimp and Sausage with Rice Pilaf”

  1. ddahld Says:

    Love the picture…gives your readers a way better idea of what you are cooking! I think it’s amazing how quickly your “picky eaters” have adapted. Will you be posting recipes soon????

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